John Sanei

John is a renowned expert with extensive experience in guiding organisations, governments, and educational institutions in strategic planning and evolution for sustained success.

He holds a position as a faculty member at Duke CE and serves as an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. With 5 best-selling books to his credit, John’s expertise lies in providing tailored guidance to C-suite executives and board members on developing new capabilities, navigating change, and driving profitability.

Over the course of his career, John has emphasised the significance of staying abreast of technological advancements and equipping internal teams with the necessary skills to effectively adapt to evolving landscapes. Through collaborative efforts with John, entities can not only uphold their relevance and competitive edge but also ensure long-term profitability.

John’s multi-faceted approach integrates insights from neuroscience, psychology, and strategic thinking, enabling him to offer unique perspectives on organisational restructuring and leadership. By leveraging his diverse skill set and innovative strategies, John empowers clients to embrace change, foster innovation, and excel in dynamic environments. His holistic approach encompasses a deep understanding of human behaviour, business dynamics, and future trends, making him a valuable asset in driving sustainable growth and resilience.

John’s contributions transcend conventional consulting practices by encompassing a holistic view of organisational dynamics and future-oriented strategies. His collaborative approach, backed by a wealth of experience and insights, positions him as a trusted advisor for entities seeking to thrive amidst uncertainty and complexity. Through his guidance, organisations can proactively shape their futures, harness emerging opportunities, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.