Ntombela Mnqobi

In the wake of open AI, robotics, algorithms, augmented reality, viral content and social media rankings – how can executives, teams and institutions demand excellence, fight for their professional relevance, reimagine work, become co-creators, ignite the spirit of ubuntu and inspire meaningful human connections in a part-virtual-part-physical-world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous?

Mnqobi W. Nyembe Ka-Ntombela inspires his audiences to cross the Rubicon of transformation, take the road less travelled and to “create the Africa we all want”.

If you are looking for a corporate speaker and/or a Master of Ceremonies who can command any room, engage any audience and inspire any generation, Ntombela is your trusted voice.

He is the founder of ATLAS L Group – a global transformation institute headquartered in Cape Town – that showcases excellence, connects people and fosters collaboration from Cape to Cairo and Morocco to Madagascar. His goal is to inspire politically correct, economically-viable, technologically-savvy, environmentally-friendly and legally-sound executives, teams and institutions that will drive Global Africa Transformation in our lifetime.

Ntombela says of himself, “I was born in the deep rural traditions of Nongoma, bred in indigenous knowledge systems of KwaZulu Natal and trained in the customary way of life as an African which broadened my world as a child. Such is a supernatural gift – knowing that you are made from life, by life, for life; you are life, and you belong to life. Exposing and supporting human potential is Ntombela’s mission, ignorance his adversary and love his assignment.

As an INTJ (the combination of introversion and intuition) Ntombela’s personality focuses his energy on generating ideas and possibilities based on his observations. He is also tremendously insightful and quick on picking-up new ideas.

Naturally curious, highly intelligent, open-minded and a utilitarian individual – with a gift-of-the-gab, Ntombela is an unconventional thinker and the universe his university. His style is that of a careful blend between thought-provoking remarks, unmatched stage presence, in-the-moment-on-time professional flow and unbelievable crowd control. Ntombela believes that all gatherings should be a transformative occasion where the spirit transcends the body, and the mind manifests the soul.

His most popular talk topics are:

  • Identity/Ungubani (Who Are You)
  • Potential: Gifts and Talents (Purpose vs. Contribution; needs in order to be functional)
  • Growth: Greatness vs. Zeitgeist (Basic Human Pursuits)
  • Me Inc.: Personal Branding
  • Flow: Lifelong Learning
  • Pain: Evil, Suffering & Death
  • Business | Aerodynamics: Pilots, Planes and Airlines