Richard Wright

Overcoming rare terminal brain cancer is a big deal. Beating it three times is bigger… but undergoing treatment AND fighting cancer while at the same time completing 5 full Ironman races (and finishing in the top 5% of all the finishers) is truly incredible

Richard is a seasoned live and virtual global speaker who has inspired more than 250 000 people in 57 countries, delivering over 600 unforgettable keynote presentations, from schools and charities to some of the world’s largest organisations.

Blending his vast experience as a top salesperson and National Training Manager – for SA’s premier real estate company (Pam Golding Properties) – with the lessons learned over seven years of fighting brain cancer, Richard delivers a uniquely compelling audience experience.

He is also a best-selling author and his book The Power of Purpose continues to receive rave reviews.

Richard is an expert in resilience, human behaviour, the mind, and cognitive thought control as means to effect change and overcome any challenge or obstacle.

He has completed five full Ironman events, including Ironman Wales (arguably the toughest Ironman event in the world) – and all whilst fighting cancer.

Richard has a unique talent of melding client’s individual needs, strategies and culture into each of his presentations, making every one a personalised experience where delegates can identify with him on many different levels. His remarkable energy leaves a lasting impact which sparks change and creates memories.

His most-requested keynote topics are:

  • ‘The Power of Purpose’ – Purpose Matters
    How did a stage four brain cancer patient finish an ultra-endurance event like an Ironman? What does it take to achieve the seemingly impossible? What is that ‘magic ingredient’ needed to propel your business and team to achieve all of your goals? Richard answers these questions and more in this hard-hitting keynote about purpose and resilience.
  • ‘Personal Resilience’ – Adapting to change
    Change is inevitable, how we respond is not. Resilience is a key ingredient for success in any field. It is something you can learn and develop. It is an elastic workable human quality. Seven questions on leadership of self which will help you to develop a growth mindset and build grit.
  • ‘Where’s The Finish-line?’ – Execution starts with focus
    Things change, you face disruption and challenges abound. The finish-line moves or even disappears, and your expectations are thrown. How do you overcome, and even thrive in the chaos? What you focus on in times of change is critical to your business.
  • ‘Don’t Sell to Me’ – A keynote on the psychology of Sales
    Lessons from SA’s top Real Estate sales trainer and coach. Sales is needs-centric, yet most salespeople spend more than 90 percent of their time trying to sell rather than identifying and triggering needs in their clients and customers, over-looking the psychology of sales, and underperforming to their potential. Who better than Richard to spark the thinking of your sales team whilst inspiring and motivating them?