Helen Nicholson

Helen Nicholson has been called the “Networking Queen” by many of her clients. She began her career as an accountant and has evolved into the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) which trains and addresses people on how to Master the Art of Networking and Personal Branding.

Helen has published two best-selling business books: the first “Networking” and the latest, “Mindfulness”. The next in the series, “Networking for Introverts” will be out later this year.

She has extensive international corporate experience and lived in the Middle East for 5 years. It was there that Helen developed and then sold her own successful business in Dubai.

Since returning to South Africa, Helen has run the Networking Company for 15 years. A super-passionate South African, she was interviewed by GIBS Business School as one of South Africa’s leading female entrepreneurs; she has run the New York marathon and been a single mom to 23-year-old identical girl twins since they were 3.