Mzansi Youth Choir

Let Mzansi Youth Choir (MYC) breathe life into your event with pinpoint choreography, extraordinary vocals, and their breathtaking wardrobe.

The Mzansi Youth Choir was established in July 2003 with the aim of affording talented, underprivileged teenagers and young adults the opportunity to proficiently perform locally and abroad. The choir consists of 57 choristers (13 to 24 years of age) with outstanding musical ability from disadvantaged backgrounds.
The word Mzansi means “south” in isiZulu and is also the township slang word for South Africa. The choir’s repertoire is an exciting assortment of South African music which incorporates elements of traditional music, pop and jazz.

Each performance is created as a bespoke experience for the client with up to 45 minutes of material included from a variety of styles, including traditional, pop, Afrikaans, gospel and iconic hits!

MYC is a performance choir that represents the best of Sowetan Excellence.  The best musical output from the cultural heartbeat of South Africa is presented in three pillars: Our Roots (traditional music), Our Spirit (gospel and anthems), Our Youth (current pop music).  Fans of MYC expect to hear the story of every young Sowetan’s life and heritage as told through their performances.