Dr. Mark Manley

Dr Mark Manley is an international, award-winning speaker, author and consultant based in South Africa. With a background in the media, politics, and business, he has spearheaded a consultancy since 1988, specialising in the areas of Strategy, Leadership and Transformation.

As a broadcaster, Mark hosted many different music, magazine, talk and live programmes on radio and TV; as a speaker and facilitator he has worked in over 40 countries.

Dr Manley has presented keynotes and seminars in many diverse situations, from under the open skies of a Kenyan game park, to the shells of buildings stripped by war and poverty, to some of the best conference centres in the world. These experiences, together with the open interaction he has with leaders of high impact and influence, enrich the already high-quality content that Mark brings to his presentations.

As a student during South Africa’s struggle for democracy (SRC president at the University of Natal), Mark was involved in transitional politics. He was also the mayor of Randburg during the country’s transitional phase in the early nineties. Further, as a national co-ordinator of the National Peace Secretariat, during South Africa’s swing to Democracy, he facilitated the resolution of many adversarial situations, teaching skills of ‘change-mastery’ and peace-building which are highly-valued in businesses today.

With a Masters Degree from Wits and a Doctorate from Commonwealth University, he has developed a number of new processes which have proven to be most-effective.

In addition to corporate clients, Dr Manley coaches CEOs and Directors of companies in leadership skills. He currently works, intimately and intensively with some of the key leaders in South Africa today, particularly those who have a great impact on the economy (like top leadership in the Reserve Bank, National Treasury, Commercial Banks and some in the insurance industry).

Not only does Mark bring the substance of all his experience and learning to his audiences, but he communicates it in a way that is both relevant, relatable and entertaining.

His current, most-requested talk topics are:

  • It’s all about Leadership – (The Structure and Styles of Leadership)
  • Leaders Change the World…and post Covid – Changed Leaders for a Changed World
  • Why did I do that? – Emotional Intelligence
  • It’s a race – Developing Strategy that wins
  • Maximising Your Impact
  • Do the Right Thing – Ethics in Business
  • Future? What Future?
  • Passion Plus

Mark also offers specialist facilitation for conflict resolution, strategy, and projects, and for strategic planning processes