Dr. Mark Manley

Based in South Africa, Dr. Mark Manley is an international, award-winning speaker, author and consultant with a history in media, politics, and business.

Mark works one-on-one with leaders in the top strata of impact and influence, including the Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, the Director General of the National Treasury, the CEO of a top-four bank and the MDs and C-suite executives of global organisations.

As a professional speaker, he has worked in over 40 countries, from the open skies of a Kenyan game park, to the bombed-out shells of buildings in war zones, to some of the globe’s most luxurious high-tech and conference centres around the world.

Mark lives the leadership he advocates. From being elected SRC President in his university days, to wearing the chain of office as the Mayor of one of Johannesburg’s northern municipalities (Randburg), there’s more to Mark than than meets the eye.

He is an Abe Bailey Fellow, was the National Coordinator of the Peace Secretariat during South Africa’s swing to democracy where he facilitated the resolution of many adversarial situations, and taught the skills of  ‘change-mastery’ and peace-building. He has also been the CEO and Team Leader of various businesses and organisations. To Mark, leadership and strategy are not theoretical – but rather practical works in progress.

His current, most-requested talk topics are:

  • It’s all about Leadership – (the Structure and Styles of Leadership)
  • Leaders Change the World (but not without those they lead)
  • Why did I do that? (Emotional Intelligence)
  • It’s a Race (Developing Strategy that Wins)
  • Maximising Your Impact (How do you quantify your efforts)
  • Do the Right Thing (Ethics in Business)
  • Future – What Future?
  • Passion plus (that’s great, but what else must we have?)

His commitment to excellence and dedication to helping others achieve their goals – and those of the organisations they represent – have earned him a reputation as a highly sought-after consultant in the industry. With a unique stockpile of knowledge, expertise and practical experience, he has become a highly-valued resource for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills, enhance their strategies, and from there, realise positive change.

…and on the lighter side of his life, Mark has hosted many music, magazine, talk and live programmes on national radio and television.