Bruce Whitfield

Bruce splits his time between Cape Town and Johannesburg and is much in-demand – more than his commitments allow – as a Speaker, Moderator or Facilitator at corporate events.

A multi-platform award-winning financial journalist, Bruce’s work on radio, television and in print gives him unique access to South Africa’s biggest power brokers in business and money.  He has been named ‘Financial Journalist of the Year’ three times in the past decade by independent judges in the annual Sanlam Awards, and has received recognition for his work on the economy, companies and personal finance.

Bruce has developed the ability to tell compelling stories about the political economy in a way that is creative and engaging and his latest talk, ‘Rebels, Renegades and Problem Solvers’ navigates the economic climate across SA and sub-Saharan Africa.”

This compelling 45 minute talk proves how challenging South Africa can be in which to do business, but it has proven to be an incubator of exceptional, globally competitive businesses.

Bruce has spent nearly 20 years interviewing CEO’s and studying the companies they have created. South Africa might seem to be an unlikely breeding ground for globally-competitive companies, but it has produced a range of extraordinary success stories.

In this talk, Bruce has distilled, through a range of exclusive one-on-one interviews with the founders of great South African companies, precisely what it is that has made them formidable international players.

In the minute it has taken you to read this, and in every other minute of every day, 365 days a year, 900 people across the world are injected by a sterile product from Durban headquartered Aspen Pharmacare which runs and operates 25 factories worldwide, one of its most sophisticated is in Port Elizabeth.

Considering South Africa has been through 8 recessions of varying intensity over the past forty years, what would have happened had the founders of great South African companies had sat on their hands and waited for certainty?

They didn’t. They got stuck in.  Bruce’s newest talk will inspire your teams to perform regardless of the noise and chaos that surrounds them.

Bruce has worked in the highly competitive London radio market and has worked as a foreign correspondent for various global news organisations. He graduated top of his class with a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Rhodes University and has been practicing as a journalist for over two decades.  One day he hopes to turn it into a career ☺.

Bruce presents The Money Show on 702 and CapeTalk, hosts Taking Stock, a weekly TV show on eNCA, and is a columnist and writer for Business