Vicky Sleight

A cultural diversity and inclusion executive with 20 years’ experience in the global tech communications industry, Vicky is leading, influencing and driving change at the international level in culture change, equality, diversity and inclusion. She has a successful track record of fostering innovative approaches to D&I and cultural change through collaboration with key stakeholders in industry, government, NGO’s and academia.

At TM Forum, as VP, Human Factor, and Diversity and Inclusion, Vicky has built and is leading the global industry collaboration and Executive Advisory Board for Diversity and Inclusion along with the Digital Organisation Transformation & Culture program – the mission to accelerate digital transformation and succeed in the digital economy through ensuring tech communications is the most diverse industry in the world.

Vicky has created and delivered global programs and interventions to benchmark industry-wide progress against D&I benchmarks and to stimulate inclusive participation in STEM education. A sought after speaker, and an active participant in many international networks for promoting inclusion, she has authored and published articles and is a social media commentator on topical D&I issues in the tech sector. A true cultural change expert applying a range of tools and approaches to deliver business transformation – helping organisations radically re-think of how they will identify and nurture key talent in the future using The GC Index® .