Pauli van Wyk

Pauli van Wyk is a highly accomplished investigative journalist, renowned for her relentless pursuit of exposing corruption in both the private and public sectors on the platforms of Scorpio and Daily Maverick. Her groundbreaking investigative work has had a profound impact on South Africa’s political landscape, particularly in holding those in power accountable for their actions.

With a Masters in Business Administration from Henley Business School, a Masters in Journalism from NWU Potchefstroom, and a certificate in Commercial Forensic Accounting, van Wyk possesses a unique blend of knowledge and skills that fuel her tenacious approach to journalism.

One of her most notable investigations was the uncovering of the thievery at VBS Mutual Bank, where she played a pivotal role in revealing widespread corruption within the institution. This investigation not only shed light on the extent of fraudulent activities but also exposed the involvement of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leaders in the scandal. Van Wyk’s relentless pursuit of the truth led to a greater understanding of the issue.

Another significant investigation was when van Wyk was part of the team which exposed the GuptaLeaks, a series of stories that unveiled the deep-rooted corruption and state capture of South Africa, involving the Gupta family and high-ranking government officials. The team’s groundbreaking reporting brought this scandal to the forefront of national and international attention, leading ultimately to the resignation of then President Jacob Zuma. The revelations from the GuptaLeaks also ignited a national conversation about corruption and the need for greater transparency in South African politics. The team’s reportage triggered a Commission of Inquiry into State Capture. The series of more than 70 stories earned the team the global ‘Shining Light Award’ for investigative journalism.

Van Wyk’s ability to uncover corruption extends beyond financial institutions and government bodies. Her investigative work also played a crucial role in uncovering wrongdoing within the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Her articles prompted a Commission of Inquiry into SARS and ultimately led to the firing of its Commissioner Tom Moyane and Chief Operations Officer Jonas Makwakwa.

Throughout her career, van Wyk has received numerous accolades and several of South Africa’s top awards as recognition for her groundbreaking investigations and her contribution to journalism.

With her dedication to uncovering the truth, Pauli van Wyk continues to make a lasting impact on South Africa’s fight against corruption. Her unwavering commitment to journalistic excellence and her ability to expose wrongdoing across various sectors have solidified her reputation as one of the country’s foremost investigative journalists.