Marc-Gregory is an acclaimed international photographic artist and human-connection speaker.

Drawing upon more than a decade of photographing celebrities, sports legends and business titans, Marc-Gregory has mastered the art of capturing the inner human through his camera lens. His mesmerising photographs have appeared in The Huffington Post and he has authored 2 award-winning fine art books, ‘In Good Company’ and ‘The Dreamers’.

Born in the kaleidoscope that is South Africa, Marc’s intimate work through the lens of his camera revealed one consistent theme – the universal need for authentic human connection. In today’s digital world, real connections – at work and in our daily lives – have become increasingly elusive. The ability to form meaningful human connections has become a rare and often-lacking trait and Marc explores this by drawing from the worlds of psychology, neuroscience and photography to get people to connect in ways that are unique to them.

Marc-Gregory’s keynote, ‘The Art of Connection’, reveals the often-unexplored and at times, elusive skills which can enable every individual to master the enigmatic goal of connecting with other humans, and only when that has been established can powerful networks, deep relationships, and worthwhile goal-setting be realised.

His talks come are delivered as transformative journeys into the heart of human interaction. Through his visionary methodologies, his audiences will discover what’s really behind the fostering of those genuine connections. By the end of Marc’s talks, he will have shared practical strategies for rapidly cultivating and deepening interpersonal bonds.

His key takeaways are;

  • learning why investing in your connections is the #1 priority if you’re seeking success in your work and personal life
  • that the power of networking, with a set of connection-building questions, will reveal answers which will help to know others deeply
  • how to accelerate your goals by learning ways to uncover people’s passions and purpose instantly.

In a world yearning for authenticity, “The Art of Connection” is more than just a presentation – it is a catalyst for change and a canvas for unlocking the true potential of human connection in every aspect of our lives.

Hear Marc-Gregory and walk away feeling confident, inspired and motivated to connect with anyone.