Aki Anastasiou

After 30 years at Radio702, this media personality is highly ranked among IT speakers. He addresses the corporate world on Tech Trends and is much-in-demand as an MC. He also shares his passion for IT during his broadcasts on 702 and Cape Talk and on CNBC Africa’s weekly technology show, ‘Tech Busters’ with Stuff magazine’s editor and publisher of the South African edition – Toby Shapshak.

On the corporate stage, his talk in the business skills arena – “Disruptions’ – illustrates how – because technology is evolving at such a blistering pace – businesses are struggling to keep up with this tsunami of change, and he explores these challenges by making sense of the technologies hurtling towards us. He says: “We are moving towards a society that will be automated by robotics and humans will be replaced by technology. What will be the impact to humanity be in the coming decades?”

One of the first South African personalities to use Twitter, Aki continues to lead in this field and is consistently ranked as one of the most influential Twitter users – Cosmopolitan, which named him one of their Twitter Kings.

The Consumer Electronics Expo in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are two of the many international conferences he attends to stay ahead of the IoT and to earmark future trends.