Simon Dingle

Simon Dingle is the author of ‘In Math We Trust: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the journey to being your own bank’ and co-author of ‘Beyond Bitcoin: Decentralised finance and the end of banks’. He was on the founding teams of several fintech startups including 22seven, Luno, Curve, and Venox.
Simon’s career started in radio, culminating with the popular Tech 5 show on 5FM. He was also a popular columnist for Finweek Magazine, Brainstorm, Computing SA, and others.  He was included in the Mail & Guardians Top 200 Young South Africans list in 2011.
Having worked first-hand with blockchain technologies since 2011, Simon explains in his presentations, both online and in-person, what cryptocurrency is and how it works; what smart contracts mean for business and society, and how they will conceivably transform every part of our modern world with the decentralisation of trust.

Simon also talks from his first-hand experience working with fresh-minded and innovative businesses, to reveal how the world’s most disruptive companies revolutionise established markets. He demonstrates real examples of the leading user experiences and how the ‘latest’ world is impacting you – and your clients.

Simon uses current case studies to expose the anatomy of disruptive business models and the level of innovation required to pull them off.