Imagine a bevy of beautiful ladies using their talents and splendour to delight your audience – that’s Phoenix; imagine the warm sound of a woman’s voice caressing the night while the sexy notes of a saxophone weave themselves around the purring sounds of a violin  – creating perfect harmony – that’s Phoenix.

Now open your eyes.

This trio comprises the talented Andy Klee on vocals; sassy Cathy Del Mei on saxophone and the classic sounds of a solo violin. Three dynamic and highly experienced performers, whose musical outfit is tailor-made for the corporate entertainment market.

Phoenix’s performance and repertoire covers a range of styles for various settings from sultry, jazzy and soulful sounds to create the perfect setting for intimate events, or for when your guests arrive, and they’ll set the tone for vibrant dance music and some of the greatest classics, right through to your contemporary favourites and current chart hits. Name the star and they play them – from Tina Turner and Creedence Clearwater Revival to Malaika and Mango Groove. Name the genre – and they have that covered too – from Cabaret to Pop and Rock ‘n Roll.

Their regular clients include Momentum, Altech, ABSA, SAP, Discovery Health, FNB, Kia Motors, Famous Brands, E-car, Mitsubishi and Barloworld to name a few.