Julia Ahlfeldt

Julia, a renowned Customer Experience expert in South Africa, has undoubtedly become one of the leading figures in her field.

As a captivating keynote speaker on the topic of customer experience, Julia’s unique perspective and wealth of knowledge make her a sought-after speaker at conferences and industry events. From tailored talks that inspire and motivate, to immersive training sessions that equip teams with the necessary tools and strategies for success, Julia leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fostering customer-centricity. She specialises in conducting journey mapping workshops, a transformative process that enables organisations to gain unparalleled insights into their customers’ experiences and identifies areas for improvement. Julia’s strategic prowess ensures that her clients are able to craft robust plans that will undoubtedly elevate their customer experience initiatives.

As a testament to her dedication to advancing the field of customer-centricity, Julia also hosts her own popular podcast titled “Decoding the Customer.” This platform not only delves into current business trends and innovations but also serves as a source of inspiration and education for professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of customer-centric strategies. With a deep passion for advocating for the customer, Julia recognised the pressing need for established organisations to adapt and cater to the ever-evolving demands of digitally-empowered consumers during the late 2000s. Acknowledging that achieving such a transformation is no easy feat, it requires a complete shift in mindset from the c-suite to the front line. It is precisely this undertaking that Julia has dedicated her mission and life’s work to – inspiring and facilitating customer-centric change.

Throughout her career, Julia has had the privilege of working alongside prestigious blue chip clients, including JP Morgan, American Express, and Virgin, helping them deliver on their brand promises and cultivate unwavering customer loyalty through exceptional experiences. Leveraging her extensive knowledge of global best practices and her profound understanding of the local market, Julia acts as a unifying force, rallying organisations around the importance of prioritising the customer.

Holding a degree in economics from Scripps College in California, Julia’s expertise is not only backed by academic qualifications but also by her status as a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), an internationally recognised accreditation that only a select few individuals in South Africa possess. This certification further solidifies Julia’s credibility and positions her as a trusted advisor to the world’s leading brands.

Julia’s unwavering commitment to championing the customer is evident in every aspect of her career. From her transformative consulting services to her captivating speaking engagements and her enlightening podcast, she continues to make a profound impact on the world of customer experience. With her friendly, smart, and helpful demeanor, it’s no wonder that individuals and organisations alike seek out Julia for guidance and inspiration in their pursuit of customer-centric excellence.