Candy Duo

What do you get when you combine the talents of a classy singer who can tantalise your musical senses with a variety of show-­stopping sounds, and the abilities of a sassy saxophonist who uses her smoky tones to create atmosphere and a classic mood for your unique corporate function? Andy Klee and Cathy Del Mei bring you the Candy Duo: a sexy music outfit who will provide all genres of music, from light Classical, to easy listening contemporary favourites through to Jazzy tunes for an intimate occasion or, if your function demands, a more modern feel with current chart hits, from Lady Gaga and Shakira, to Malaika and Mango Groove, or even some Creedence Clearwater Revival through to Cabaret, Pop and Rock ‘n Roll to shake up the dance floor!

With their sophisticated but bubbly personalities, the Candy Duo are masters at providing a night of custom-­made entertainment for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for quiet background music or an evening of showpieces and audience interaction, the Candy Duo has it all. They can also move between themes and genres, enticing the crowd with the laid-­back sounds of cocktail music at the beginning of the evening and ending off by getting the party started, working hand in hand with a DJ.