Rinus le Roux

He was born in a small town in the Northwest Province which inspired him to develop a big game mentality and motivated him to find his place in the world at a young age.

At age 13, he read a book by Richard Bach called ‘Illusions’ and in it was a quote that changed his life forever. “Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is completed – if you are alive it isn’t.”

At an early age the only label he was willing to accept was that of a thinker. But that label came with its own challenges in a world where left brain thinking was the order of the era. His Dad’s warning – “don’t think too much” didn’t help but was ignored.

After completing school and a few tertiary qualifications, he started lecturing which became one half of his passion. The other half came from continuous reading and searching on intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels. In 1995 he established the UCAN Institute and has since dedicated his life to self-mastery, developing concepts and programmes and books to impact the world.

No matter how many resources are spent on technical or people skills, without the true influences which govern those individual, your return on investment will be disproportionate and largely wasted. When you unlock the potential of the individual, the individual will unlock the potential of the business.

Prepare to share Rinus’s unforgettable presentation style, packed with humour and we all know that laughter is the music of the soul.

His most recent talk, “Hack your Mental Mindset’ gives audiences an insight into the shifts we as individuals need to make to have a meaningful future.

Books written by Rinus le Roux:

Hack It

Personal Greatness

Missing Pages from Life’s Manual

Step Up

From Successful to Meaningful

We Will be Ok

Passport to the Future

Life has no Meaning Until you Create It

Back Yourself

Stumbling upon God

Sculptured by Grief