Pierre du Plessis

Pierre unravels the secrets behind human behavior for business strategy. As the founder of Be Brave, he has more than two decades of experience in guiding teams, building people and businesses. He’s a sought-after speaker on human dynamics, marketing, building teams, and navigating uncertainty.

His insights empower businesses to understand, map, and harness complex human behaviors for impactful strategies. As an educator, he’s spoken on four TEDx stages and engaged with leading organisations around the globe such as HATCH, Tencent, BP, Allan Gray, FNB, Yum!, and many others.

He has written four books and received the Desmond Tutu Gerrit Brand Prize for literature in 2018.

By delving into the intricacies of human behaviour and by exploring the hidden narratives and motivations that drive actions, he shows audiences how to challenge conventional wisdom. He also emphasises the importance of uncertainty and chaos in fostering innovation and creativity. Drawing from diverse disciplines such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, and behavioural science, Pierre offers fresh insights into topics like the drivers and stories behind money, consumer behaviour, leadership dynamics, and team-building strategies.

By understanding human behaviour, any company or team can revolutionise its marketing strategies, sales approaches, and overall business success. His talks provide actionable strategies and frameworks to unlock untapped potential, driving meaningful change and growth.

“Pierre du Plessis is most probably one of the best speakers I have encountered, anywhere in the world. ‘Think different’. Apple said it. Pierre makes you do it.” – DEWALD DU PLOOY, MARKETING DIRECTOR KFC, AFRICA

“Pierre’s talk was truly engaging – he was easy to listen to and his advice was highly practical. The audience was captivated, and 178 attendees were in awe. Thank you for a soul-touching deliverance of a well-appreciated topic, especially in challenging times.” – BRIGOTT BRUINTJIES, ALLAN GRAY

“A completely new angle on leadership, with practical applications we can immediately implement in our teams.” – SAREL VAN ZYL, CEO, FNB NAMIBIA

“I am jaded, having been in the industry for 20 years. I have seen and heard a lot; I’ve had my intelligence challenged and my mind bent – and often been bored. There are not many speakers out there that make me stop and listen. Pierre is one of those! He is genuine, kind and deep. What he talks about hits home and makes the neurons fire. He inspires me and makes me think. He is the 1st person I recommend when a client requests a speaker. A consummate professional, always on time and always interesting.” – KELLY MCGILLIVRAY, THE SQUAD EVENTS

““Pierre, like all good trend spotters, looks at the world with infinite curiosity and an open mind. As such, he has a knack of pin-pointing a trend on the rise, but more importantly, its roots and trajectory. Without these two elements you don’t have context, and Pierre has the ability to provide that all important context.” – DION CHANG, FOUNDER FLUX TRENDS