Dr. Michael Mol

Cape Town-based Michael Mol didn’t go for career counselling, which could explain why he’s a medical doctor, an executive TV producer & presenter, an international speaker, social entrepreneur and founder of ‘Hello Doctor’.

A trauma doctor turned TV personality – with a Mr. South Africa title in the mix – Michael traded the casualty room for the small screen and anchored ‘Top Billing’, South Africa’s longest-running prime time television magazine show, for more than a decade, scooping up several critically acclaimed awards along the way.

Michael’s passion for discerning what makes people tick then led him to co-founding ‘TomorrowToday’, helping organisations navigate the New World of Work followed by The Revolution Group – helping people unearth what they were born to do through discovering their innate strengths.

He has spoken to companies around the world and has been recognised as one of the South Africa’s top business speakers with a Hall of Fame distinction.

Business aside, Michael also launched ‘Expresso’, SABC’s live morning show, as anchor presenter. Then as Executive Producer and presenter, he melded his passion for medicine and media and produced two new TV series: “Hello Doctor” and “The Dr. Mol Show” with a vision to educate, entertain and inspire people to live their best life, by being the healthiest they can be. Watched by over a million people weekly, the show was part of a bigger vision to give every South African access to personal, affordable and quality healthcare through immediate access to doctors via their mobile phones.

Michael is a South African brand ambassador and has been commissioned to write a second book, on the back of his first best-selling publication “Your Best Life.”

Aside from all the hats he wears, he suffers from an insatiable thirst for adrenaline! From sky-diving out of a hot-air balloon, running the bulls in Pamplona, scuba diving under a frozen lake, wing walking on a bi-plane, surfing the great Zambezi white waters on a body board, flying to the edge of space in a Russian MiG and bungee jumping off the highest bridge in the world – backwards!

Michael lives in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife and their three children