Lisa Raleigh

Lisa Raleigh is a beacon of clarity and innovation at the forefront of wellness and whole-life fitness. She possesses the unique ability to translate complex health concepts into actionable strategies that resonate with individuals and organisations alike. Through her insightful talks, Lisa illustrates the vital connections between health, productivity, competitiveness, talent retention, and sustainable growth. The global pandemic underscored the essential nature of well-being, prompting leading enterprises to embrace wellness as a fundamental pillar in their strategic planning. With a blend of personal anecdotes and evidence-based transformations, Lisa explores the multifaceted impact of wellness on both individual and organisational levels, offering a fresh perspective on how to thrive in today’s world.

With more than 20 years in the health and wellness space, Lisa has consistently grown her Lr, Body Kind and bounti brands to become some of the country’s most dynamic wellness offerings.

Leading with her rebounding brand, bounti, Lisa has trained hundreds of rebounding instructors, established a library of workouts and programmes, subscription offerings, a unique athleisure range and Body Kind and developed a complete nutrition offering for her growing global business. From encouraging ageing-with-strength and holistic health, to presenting clients with progressive, life-changing programmes, Lisa Raleigh lives her mantra; “nothing feels as good as feeling good feels.”

Now in strategic collaboration with husband, Stafford Masie, the business has embraced an active growth strategy, with the opening of their first retail store in Nicolway, Johannesburg, a luxe retail experience that is a direct extension of their popular e-store. Their position as a scientifically-proven, medically-aligned business which focusses on true, sustainable change, has been further entrenched by their partnerships and endorsements from Discovery Health, CANSA, Metropolitan Multiple and other leading health authorities..